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In the art Gallery 

Woolly, Ms, Sam, Ceno, Strange, and Cleo have new pieces on display and the Gallery has been re worked to make viewing of artists with large exhibits more surfer friendly.

In our Love bites Poetry Collection

JJWildcat and Perfectly Devastated each have added two wonderful selections to their sections

Big Changes have been happening on the Empire. We have renovated (big surprise huh?)  and we moved!! A lot of people have been asking why we found a new home. It's because geocities implemented a new rule about how much data transfer (how many bytes are viewed by all visitors combined) a site can have in a given period of time before it gets temporarily shut down. We couldn't have that so it was time to re locate. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused but we can bring a more consistent service this way.

What's HOT:

The love bites message board! Here's your chance to dwell in sweet memories or berate your ex.'s in a letter to them. Go ahead say what you were really thinking. 

Letters To The Editors:

A Reader made a point months back, we had no spot designated for writing to the Editors. Well its here now  . Letters and responses will be placed here just like in your local paper. 

That's all for today! 

April, Kali and Tina

Each one has the right to share in the knowledge and understanding which society provides. -- Albert Einstein, 1936

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